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Marcel Miu and wife, Lindsay Miu. Along with their dog, Nellie.

Launching Simplify Wealth Planning

Hi, I’m Marcel Miu, the founder of Simplify Wealth Planning (SWP). I started SWP to help tech professionals like you master your money and live your best life.


I’ve been in your shoes: working hard in the corporate world with little time for anything else. Personal finances were falling by the wayside.

Your Challenge

Knowing that you're on track for your goals (retirement, etc) and whether you'll be okay.

Navigating complex equity packages, tax implications, and financial planning can be overwhelming.

→ You need a trusted partner who understands the nuances of your situation.

From Learning to Leading

My journey began in New York's finance scene, absorbing invaluable insights from industry leaders, while navigating my own equity compensation. But I soon realized my true calling was directly impacting individuals' lives.

That's why I founded Simplify Wealth Planning → to bring my experience full circle and guide tech professionals like you through personalized financial paths.

 A Personal Touch in Finance


As a fee-only fiduciary, my sole priority is your best interests. Together, we'll craft a tailored plan encompassing cash flow, equity compensation, tax strategy, investments, education planning, insurance, and estate considerations.

→ Imagine a guided financial journey without the jargon: just clarity and confidence.

Beyond the Numbers

Beyond the office, my world revolves around family, food, and joyful moments with my dog, Nellie. Every day, these passions remind me of the importance of cherishing the present while planning for the future.

Let’s Connect


Schedule your free consultation and let's put your future in focus.

About Us

Founder and wealth planner, Marcel Miu
Marcel Miu, CFA, CFP, CDAA

Founder & Wealth Planner

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SWP's Expertise

I started SWP to help tech professionals like you master your money. I know from experience that small decisions can compound into large outcomes over time.

Our credentials are foundational to being the steward of your hard-earned money:​

  • I’m a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), which means I operate among those with the highest level of education and ethics in the industry

  • I honed my finance skills in the New York City investment management industry for 13 years while also navigating my own equity compensation

  • SWP is a member of NAPFA, a leading organization of fee-only financial advisors who are committed to high standards of ethics and competence

As the investments, tax, and regulatory landscape continuously evolves, having an advisor committed to learning will be crucial in helping to navigate your financial picture. I’m one of the few advisors with multiple leading industry credentials. All require immense dedication to the financial industry (click logo to learn more):

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